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Frequently Asked Questions



Are you insured?

Of course! We are insured through Pet Care Insurance company. Ask about what our insurance covers in your meet & greet! Full insurance information is available upon request.


How long will it take to be contacted and to confirm whether the dates and services I am requesting are available?

Once you have completed the Service Inquiry form, a pet care provider will respond as soon as possible.  At that time, they can provide a preliminary response about availability for services and dates but, bookings are only confirmed after new clients have set up an account, requested services and paid. Our goal is to get to everyone within two business hours, though times vary.


Can I set up my own account and book services without completing a service request form and before having a meet and greet?  

Sure! If you are ready to set up and account and services, please do so using the "Create New Account" button below. Once the account has been activated, you may request services or you can message us using the "Conversation" tab in your account to request assistance with setting up a meet and greet with you and your pet (s) and pet care services. Please set up a new account here 

I need to book a service for tomorrow but, when I try, I keep getting a message saying that services cannot be booked less than 24 hours in advance.  Is there any way to schedule a last minute appointment?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate last minute requests for new clients without accounts and with whom we have not met with.  However, for returning clients, please reach out to us through the "Conversation" tab in your account to inquire about our availability.

Do you provide overnight services where sitters spend the night at my home?

Good question! Our primary overnight service is to board your pet at our facility.  They receive the full “Retreat” experience through much more interaction that is not an additional charge like at other boarding facilities.  However, we offer “Almost” Overnight drop-in visits to provide pets with evening meals, walks and other access to pre-bedtime rituals that they may need.  We also return the next morning to feed and make sure they potty and receive what they need as part of their morning ritual.  This service can be paired with additional drop-in visits during the day.


What is the cancellation policy?

From #11 of our Terms of Service:
Client understands and agrees that if canceling less than 24 hours before the scheduled start of any service, they will be charged a $75 cancellation fee. You will see the terms of service agreement in its entirety and accept after creating a login through the scheduling portal.


Do you have any breed restrictions?

No, we do not restrict animals based on their breed.  However, we do require that pet parents disclose any history of aggression (regardless of their role in it or outcome) and any other behavioral issues that we should know about prior to providing the service.

Do you care for pets other than dogs and cats?

Absolutely!  We have experience caring for a variety of pets such as: chickens, guinea pigs, iguanas, bearded dragons, snakes, ferrets, parrots, turtles, fish, rabbits, ducks, goats, etc.  If we have not mentioned your pet, please let us know and we can determine if our skill sets match your needs.  Note: Our facility may not be ideally equipped for many of these species so, care for most of these animals will likely need to be in the form of drop-in visits at your home.

Will my pet be rejected because they are not social around other pets?

Not necessarily.  We pride ourselves on accepting those animals that other facilities might not accept because they can’t put them in packs with other dogs.  We focus on their individual behavior, temperament, and any history of aggression to make a determination of whether or not we can accommodate their needs.


Will my pet be isolated from other pets during boarding, daycare or excursions?

Yes, only pets from the same household interact during their time with THE Retreat for Pets.  In fact, even pets who are accustomed to going to dog parks or meeting animals on their walks with their parents will not be taken to dog parks or allowed to meet or socialize with other pets while in THE Retreat for Pets’ care.


What do I need to bring or have for my pet during their service(s)?

For services being provided in your home, please ensure that you have adequate food supplies and medication needed for your pets during your absence. Also, if the weather is extreme and the temperature in the home may become uncomfortable for the pet while you are away, please set you thermostat accordingly or provide instructions for how to adjust, if needed.  For excursions, pets need their leash and/or harness.  If they have a favorite treat and/or are being treat trained, please provide those and waste collection bags. We will provide towels, drinking water and clean their paws, etc., of any debris incurred during their adventure.  For overnight boarding, at a minimum, please provide the amount of food that they will need for the duration of their visit and any medications, along with instructions.  If your pets have favorite or needed toys, bedding, treats or supplements, please provide those.  However, bedding and the use of a wire crate can be made available for overnight stays, at no additional cost. Crates are not required to be used for overnight stays and are based on your preference.


Do you provide grooming services?

We provide the Bath, Blow dry and Brush as a service for $40.  Dogs staying overnight must be “clean” (free of odor or visible dirt) upon drop off or a bath will be provided, and a fee may be assessed regardless of length of stay.  However, dogs doing overnight boarding for four days or more may receive a complimentary bathing service to keep them and their environment fresh and comfortable, if needed.  Note: Please let us know if they have a skin condition and/or if you prefer that we do not bathe them or if you need to provide us with a specific product to use on them. We do not cut nails, cut hair or extract anal glands.


What areas do you serve?

We are located in East Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. For boarding and daycare services, we welcome pet clients from any location to our facility.  For visits to the pet’s home, we serve Antioch, and locations within a 20-mile radius, such as, Pittsburg, Bay Point, Brentwood, Oakley, Concord, Clayton and Discovery Bay.  For transportation requests outside of those areas, please contact us so that we can assess and price your needs on a case-by-case basis.


How do I create an account and schedule services?

If you are a returning client, you have created an account and downloaded the mobile app “Time to Pet” available through the Google and Apple app stores.  You are already able to select the services, get confirmation and pay either through the desktop of mobile app, at any time.

If you are new to our site, you set up an account using any of the buttons on our site for potential new clients.  You can set up an account where you will enter pertinent information about you and your pets and e-sign our terms of service agreement.  Creating a login and account does not obligate you to hire us for services at any time.  Once you are officially a client, you will be able request and schedule services, update information and keep in touch with us and your pets while on their staycation directly, via desktop or the mobile app.

When booking, I only see the option to select time blocks for my service(s) and not a specific time.  How do I request an exact time for my pet's visits, drop off, etc.,?

If you have a specific time within a time block that you would like your services to start and end, please indicate that in the notes for your order.  Also, when we receive your booking request, we will follow-up with you to confirm the precise time of our visits or when you will be dropping your pet off.

I want to make my first booking, how do I get my 15% discount?

Once you have selected the service(s) you would like to receive and submitted your request, the 15% discount will be applied and included in your confirmation of services and invoice.  

I submitted a request for service but, how do I know if the requested time and date are available and my request is finalized?

We review each request upon receipt and will send you a confirmation or notification that your request is not available as soon as possible and, typically, within 30 minutes of your request. 

I am a returning customer and would like to reach out periodically to inquire about services for the future before confirming travel plans or to provide updates.  Can I text you directly?

All clients with accounts are able to reach us at anytime through the "Conversation" tab in their client portal account.  This is the same chat function that we use to provide you updates during your pet's staycation.  We are happy to confirm our schedule to help you plan for future trips.  We love the opportunity to see our best friends again! Also, for updates to vaccination records, addresses, additions of new pets or any changes in your information, please feel free to update anytime using the "My Info" or "Pets" tabs in your account.

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